Ventilean RX - a fast acting, super concentrated liquid pre-workout supplement

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  • Ventilean RX - a fast acting, super concentrated liquid pre-workout supplement
  • Ventilean RX - a fast acting, super concentrated liquid pre-workout supplement

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Power Mint flavor. 4 oz (120ml). Only 2.5ml serving size

Ventilean RX is a fast acting, super concentrated, liquid, pre-workout supplement that contains powerful Lipothermic ingredients which aid your metabolic conditioning program. Stop wasting your time taking Thermogenics three times a day with no results!

Below is a brief summary of the workout benefits that Ventilean RX provides.

Burn 107% more calories from fat during training

Ventilean RX contains powerful Lipothermic ingredients. Lipothermics repartition the energy source(s) used during exercise. During training you use a varying percentage of all your energy systems to produce ATP, ie the Phosphagen system for very short term, glycolysis system for intermediate energy and the oxidative system for longer duration energy production. The amount each system contributes depends on the intensity of the activity and the duration of the work. Fat cannot be used in these systems without the presence of oxygen. The key ingredients in Ventilean RX quickly boosts your aerobic level to make your body burn up to 107% more energy from fat during training.

Spare protein and carbohydrates

The key ingredients in Ventilean RX provide a very unique additional benefit. Since you are burning more fat to produce the needed ATP you are actually sparing some of the carbohydrates and protein from being used for energy. Carbohydrates are the only macronutrient that can be burnt without oxygen (Anaerobic Metabolism). The immediate benefit you get from the ingredients in Ventilean RX, is more carbohydrates available for the all important anaerobic metabolism during intense weight training. Protein is not a great fuel source but when dieting, lowering your carbohydrate level is usually a must since carbohydrates are technically the only non-essential macronutrient (Although fiber is also essential to us) carbs are the macronutrient that is adjusted the most. Therefore, the ingredients in Ventilean RX come in most handy when dieting. When carbohydrates are lowered during dieting, the body may increase gluconeogenesis (the production of glucose from non-carbohydrate sources like glucogenic amino acids found in proteins) to provide glucose for activity. However since the ingredients in Ventilean RX are sparing the carbohydrates during activity they may be more available to help avoid gluconeogenesis. We also recommend as carbohydrates go down during dieting, focus training on more explosive movements with shorter duration workouts. Very short duration activity will primarily utilize the phosphogen system which has been shown to be well fueled by creatine supplementation.

Increase E.P.O.C.

Ventilean RX Lipothermic ingredients increase E.P.O.C. (excess post exercise oxygen consumption) to keep your body burning calories throughout the day. This makes Ventilean RX perfect for your metabolic conditioning program.

Only 1 serving a day needed

One of the best things about Ventilean RX, is you only need to take them once a day before training. The powerful ingredients act quickly and start working during your workout. And since you only need one small dose each day, you can spend more time focused on your workout instead of your supplements. The end result of using yesterday’s thermogenics: wasted time and limited results. The end result of using Lipothermics: you burn more fat during training, get a more efficient workout, and experience lasting results. The choice is yours. For a detailed scientific explanation of why Lipothermics are better than Thermogenics click here

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