You demand a lot from your workout. It's time to start demanding more from your dietary supplements. To get the lasting results you work so hard for, you need hard science not evasive hype.

Step up to a new class of supplements with science-based formulas and superior absorption methods. Pharmagenx gives you both. Increase your performance and achieve sustainable results by efficiently supplying your body with what it needs for peak performance.


Pharmagenx technology

Say goodbye to your old supplements. You deserve better results. Pharmagenx is the future.
All Pharmagenx products give you research-based formulas that are scientifically proven to be effective. We've also engineered our
products so that they can be easily absorbed by your body for maximum effect. Nothing is wasted. That means you can count on our
products to do exactly what we say they do.

When you take yesterday's supplements you get yesterday's results. Step up to a new class of dietary supplements.

A new class of dietary supplements is here. Our proprietary formulas are backed by hard science, not hype. To help you build lean body mass, sustain your energy, recover faster, and sculpt your ideal body, our PhD-level researchers have combined powerful ingredients in the right dosage levels.

After prototyping and validating our product formulas, we continually test them to ensure that they work like we say they will. But just having the right ingredients at the right dosage is not enough. To get the highest level of performance out of your supplements, your body must be able to absorb them efficiently. Scientific research has shown that solubility is the key to absorption. Solubility is why our SEO™ Natural Oils and Quick™ emulsions are so fast acting. We've formulated the active ingredients to be ready to use as soon as they enter your body. You don't take shortcuts. Neither do we. To optimize your workout or fitness routine, it's time for you to step up to Pharmagenx technology.


Our Products


We are proud of the quality of our products and we want to make sure you are completely satisfied. that is why we give you a 30-day, risk free satisfaction guarantee.
Pharmagenx President, Master Chemist

8-Step method


Do you know what's really in the sports nutrition product you're taking? Well you should. If you don't know, then how can you be sure you that you aren't taking
something that is harmful to your health, or worse, illegal? How do you know you'll get the results you're paying for?
We know what's in our products. We know their safe. We know they work!

This is the 8-step method we follow to assure you that what's on our label is in our products – and that they will do what we say they will.


Our PhD-level researchers start by theorizing what formulation of ingredients at what dosage levels will achieve the desired fat-burning and muscle-building results. They document everything.


The perfect formula is wasted if the delivery system is ineffective. To maximize the bio-availability of our products, we balance absorbability with long-term product stability.


The final quality of our products is only as good as each ingredient. Before selecting a supplier, we test their products and inspect their facilities to be sure they comply with FDA cGMP quality requirements.


With you in mind, our team works hard to create a formula that gives the results we say it will. The formula is a proprietary combination of active ingredients, excipients, emulsifiers, and solubilizes.


Once the prototyped formula is approved, we validate the formula through rigorous testing. We repeat this step as many times as necessary to ensure that the formula meets the claim on the label.


After we've thoroughly validated the formula, we conduct small-scale case studies to test the effectiveness of each product. If they prove to be effective we move on to the production stage.


Pharmagenx is one of the few companies that funds university research on finished products. We fund this independent research to scientifically measure the results. We don't have to. We want to.


Our in-house and third-party lab testing and validation process never ends. That's why we can 100% guarantee the quality and effectiveness of our products. Not many other companies can say that.
Ventilean RX
Powerfully formulated as a fast acting pre-workout stimulant. Our proprietary formula stimulates you quickly while counter acting the negative effects of the crash. Ventilean™ RX contains powerful Lipothermic™ ingredients.

Hardcore extreme athlete
Pre-workout formula

Fast acting liquid

4 oz (120ml). Only 2.5ml serving size


It's important to us that you make the best decisions about your health, nutrition, supplementation, and workout routine. That's why we want to be your resource for the most up-to-date and un-biased information available. You've set your personal goals. Now let us help you achieve them.

Choose your Pharmagenx

At Pharmagenx, we believe that supplements must be tailored to your needs. We invite you to choose the Pharmagenx product that fits your workout goals and your lifestyle. Whether you are a ripped bodybuilder, a high-performance athlete, or someone who enjoys staying fit, we've created a product just for you.


We designed Pharmagenx Extreme with the bodybuilder and high-performance athlete in mind. You know that getting ripped means building muscle mass while burning fat and calories. Pharmagenx Extreme gives you the fast results that last.


Pharmagenx Sport is uniquely formulated for those who enjoy living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining an optimum level of overall fitness. Pharmagenx Sport gives you the healthy supplements you need, and it tastes great doing it!

About Us

Whether you are an extreme bodybuilder, a hardcore athlete, or you simply want to get the most out of your healthy lifestyle, Pharmagenx has developed a full line of products with you in mind. Our supplements help you reach a higher level of performance. You'll train better, feel better, and look better.

Instead of trying to be the best in a class of ineffective and outdated supplements, we’ve created an entirely new class of supplements.

There are two supplement models: The Price Model and the Efficacy Model. Guess which one doesn’t work for you! Stop getting tricked and cheated by supplement supplement companies that focus on price and not efficacy. You deserve a new class of supplements. Step up to Pharmagenx.

Research shows that supplements can help you develop the physique and level of performance you desire. Unfortunately, most supplement companies use the Price Model to create their products. That means they target a price point and build a product around that price. The problem with this approach is that it often results in insufficient dosages and poor quality control.

You think you are getting a great value under the Price Model, but you'll never get the results you expect from the supplements you've spend your hard-earned money on. This practice gives the industry a bad name. Pharmagenx is changing all that by building our products around the Efficacy Model by focusing first on creating products that do what we say they do.


The team at Pharmagenx believes that an educated customer is the best customer. When you know everything about the supplements you're taking, you'll make better choices and get better results. We don't hide behind hype and wild claims that aren't supported by real science. Contact us with your questions and comments. We would love to hear from you.

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