Lipothermic is a registered trade mark of Pharmagenx, so you won’t see this definition anywhere else. We came up with it to describe a unique effect that we believe is the cornerstone to fat loss supplements. We describe Lipothermics as a property of a substance to repartition the energy usage during activity, resulting in a larger percentage of the total calories burnt during exercise from fat. They also have a prolonged effect after exercise; in which they increase E.P.O.C. (excess post exercise oxygen consumption.).

Lipothermics are especially good during HIIT and HIRT type training, increasing the energy from fat, while sparing carbohydrates for when you need them… THE WALL!

Below is a chart comparing the effects of some of the Lipothermic compounds to common Thermogenics.

Burn Up to 107% more energy from fat during training.
Only increases your BMR 2-3% this is not much.
Once daily: only one dose a day before training is needed.
Needs to be taken multiple (2-3) times a day.
Increase your E.P.O.C.: Resulting in more calories burned throughout the day.
BMR increase is short lived for only 2-3 hours.The thermogenic effect goes away after 2 weeks.
The end result: Burn fat (not muscle and carbohydrates) during training.
The end result: A total of only about 168 extra kcal/day. That is barely enough to burn off a slice of toast.

There are many compounds that have this unique effect; there is also a synergistic effect amongst them. The entire Ventilean line is dedicated towards exploiting the Lipothermic Effect by providing you, easy to digest, fast acting solutions meant to be taken right before activity.

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To get a more detailed explanation on why Lipothermics are  better than Thermogenics click here to read our Lipothermics vs Thermogenics article.

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