Pharmagenx has created a new class of dietary supplements with formulas and delivery systems that are scientifically developed to give you the lasting results you demand. Whether you take supplements to build lean muscle mass, recover quickly, or increase your overall level of fitness, you deserve supplements that optimize your workout or fitness routine.

If you notice that you aren’t getting the results you expect, it’s not your fault. Blame your old supplements.

The problem with most dietary supplements on the market is that your body can’t easily absorb their formulas. When you take them, even though you’re following the instructions on the label, the supplements are passing through your system without being properly absorbed, so you don’t get the advertised benefits of the supplement.

Dietary supplements can only help you transform your body when they are available for your body to absorb them properly. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your money.

This paper answers a few important questions to help you understand why your old supplements are not working for you. You’ll see that only by stepping up to a new class of supplements formulated with SEO™ Natural Oils can you take your training to a higher level.

How Does Your Body Absorb Oil-Based Supplements?

When you ingest oil-based supplements, such as fish oil, your body attempts to prepare the oil for absorption by emulsifying it. Only by emulsifying the oil can your body digest the oil. The bioavailability of the oil depends on the oil being emulsified either before you ingest it or as it travels through your digestive system (Singh, Ye, & Horne, 2009).

Digestion of the oil begins in your mouth where the addition of saliva begins the emulsification process. Very little emulsification takes place there. If you are taking a supplement in pill form then the oil skips emulsification in your mouth because the swallowed pill spends a very short time in your the mouth (Garaiova, et al., 2007).

The next stage of oil digestion takes place in the stomach. Emulsification in your stomach is a fundamental step in the digestion and absorption of oils. It is in your stomach where natural gastric emulsifiers mix with the oil and begins to create emulsified oil droplets that your body can absorb. The emulsification process continues further in the colon (Garaiova, et al., 2007).

What Does It Mean to Emulsify Oil?

An emulsion is created by mixing two or more liquids that are normally non-mixable. Essentially, emulsifying an oil means breaking the oil down into very small droplets that can disperse throughout the water.

Let’s take a look at how oil and water interact normally verses how they interact when the oil is emulsified.

In Image A, you can see the orange oil floating on top of the blue water. This is what happens when you pour a bit of oil into water. Instead of mixing with the water, the oil will settle on top of the water.

If you try to mix oil and water by stirring them together, you get something like what you see in Image B. It looks like the oil has mixed with the water, but it hasn’t. Shortly after you’ve stirred the oil into the water you get an unstable emulsion like what you see in Image C. Over time, the oil separates itself from the water and floats back to the top.

A true and stable emulsion of oil and water can only take place when an emulsifier is used. The job of the emulsifier is to create a bond between the oil and water and stop the mixture from separating. The result is what you seen in Image D where the oil droplets are permanently dispersed throughout the water.

Everyday examples of stable oil and water emulsions include mayonnaise, milk, and butter. In these products, the oil in the form of fat is perfectly mixed into water. In the case of mayonnaise, it is the yolk of the egg that acts as the emulsifier that maintains the stability of the emulsion.

Why Does the Body Absorb Emulsified Oils Better?

The average male human body is made up of approximately 60% water. The average female body is made up of approximately 50% water. Every time you consume oil, in any form, you are trying to mix oil and water. We’ve shown above how difficult that is.

When your body tries to digest oil that is not properly emulsified, it can only absorb a small amount because your body’s natural emulsifiers are limited in how much work they can do during the digestion process.

In the chart below, you can clearly see that the DHA in emulsified oil, represented by the darker line, is absorbed in greater quantities and at a greater speed than non-emulsified (capsular) oil (Raatz, Redmon, Bibus, Wimmergren, & Donadio, 2009).

By emulsifying oil with our SEO™ techniques before it is ingested, we’ve improved both the digestion and absorption qualities of the oil (Garaiova, et al., 2007). Our pre-emulsified oils quickly bypasses you’re body’s limited ability to emulsify oil and enhances the bioavailability of the oil (Raatz, Redmon, Bibus, Wimmergren, & Donadio, 2009). Research scientists have known this since the 1980s (Harris & Williams, 1989).

Some supplement manufacturers may understand this process but they try to cheat science with shortcuts. One shortcut is to mix the oil with other ingredients that have an emulsifying effect once the supplement makes it to your stomach. However, studies show that your body absorbs emulsified oil much better than oil that is simply mixed with other ingredients (Jain, Jain, Pohekar, & Thanki, 2013).

The bottom line is that your body absorbs pre-emulsified oils better because we’ve done all of the heavy lifting. Your body can skip the emulsifying step and move on to absorbing your supplement.

Why Are Pharmagenx SEO™ Natural Oils More Effective?

There are many helpful dietary supplements that provide a wide range of benefits when ingested. Unfortunately, a large number of those supplements have low bio-availability. That means they cannot easily be dissolved in water, the body can’t properly absorb them, and they are rapidly passed through the body.

Studies have shown that emulsifying supplements significantly increases the bioavailability of the supplement (Balakumar, Raghavan, Tamil selvan, Hari prasad, & Abdu, 2013).

SEO™ stands for self-emulsifying oils. It is the technique we use to create products that your body can easily absorb. By ingesting self-emulsifying oil, you’ve given your body a head start in absorbing your supplement.

Your Body Loves Our SEO™ Natural Oils and Our Quick™ Emulsions

Pharmagenx formulates both SEO™ natural oils and Quick™ Emulsions. They are both simple and efficient ways of helping your body absorb our supplements.

SEO™ natural oils are oils with other natural ingredients blended in to help the oil emulsify as soon as it comes in contact with water. Because it is pure oil, with no water added, we can create very concentrated doses that are quickly absorbed.

Our Quick™ emulsions are fully emulsified oil. In addition to adding natural ingredients to the oil to prepare it for emulsification, we also add water soluble vitamins and flavors. After we blend everything together the result is a creamy and delicious emulsion that is ready to drink.

Choose Pharmagenx – a New Class of Supplements

Whether you are an extreme body builder, a high-performance athlete, or simply enjoy maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can rely on the scientifically proven effectiveness of Pharmagenx SEO™ Natural Oils and our Quick™ Emulsions. Our products do what we say they do.

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